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Workshop Political Discourse Analysis


Workshop led by

Marek Czyżewski, University of Lodz


The subject of the analysis will be the social construction of images, symbols and stereotypes (generally: discursive images) of the “European Other” in Polish and German media discourses. The term “European Other” is understood to include the discursive images of “Germans” in the Polish media and the discursive images of “Poles” in the German media. The term “European Other” refers in particular to the public perception of Germans and Poles in the two states, against a number of controversial contexts, such as the attitude of both societies to the migration crisis, the shift of collective identities in both societies towards national identities, debates on institutional disintegration of the EU. The analyzed materials come from the German-Polish research project titled The European Other in Polish and German Public Discourses. Selected Polish and German press materials will be available in English and in their original language versions. The technique applied in the analysis will be primarily Kenneth Burke’s dramatism.

Recommended reading

  • Burke, Kenneth (1969) A Grammar of Motives, University of California Press.
  • Foss, Sonja K. (2009) Rhetorical Criticism. Exploration and Practice, 4th Edition, Waveland Press (Chapter 10, “Pentadic Criticism”, pp. 355-386).
  • Griffin, Em (2011) A First Look at Communication Theory, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill (Chapter 23, “Dramatism of Kenneth Burke”, pp. 299-307).
  • Jasinski, James (2001) Sourcebook on Rhetoric. Key Concepts in Contemporary Rhetorical Studies, Sage Publications (selected articles).

Workshop program

Issues discussed / practiced during the workshop:

  1. Explanation of the basic principles of dramatism as a technique for text analysis and relation between dramatism and symbolic interactionism
  2. Analysis of selected press materials
  3. Text analysis vs. discourse analysis
  4. Discussion and conclusions

Who should attend?

Researchers who are interested in qualitative analysis of mass media materials and in political discourse analysis


Practical skills of text and discourse analysis with the use of dramatism

Marek Czyżewski, PhD is professor and head of Department of Research on Social Communication at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Lodz; chairman of the Council of Scientific Consortium “Discourse Analysis” and Editor-in-Chief of “Przegląd Socjologiczny.” His main interests include: public discourse; public rhetoric; public opinion; democratization of culture; knowledge-based society; new forms of domination in social communication; “hostile language” and hate speech; intercultural communication; qualitative analysis; social theory.

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